FRIEND® Features

FRIEND distinguishes itself by the following features:

FRIEND® is an Integration Framework

As an integration framework FRIEND provides a detailed construction pattern. Common integration requirements will be identified and implemented in the FRIEND framework, and based on the framework concrete integration layers can then be developed for different communities of interest such as the aviation industry, financial institutes and governmental organizations.

To couple a local system to the Virtual Information Pool, the system integrator implements the coupling code by creating subclasses of predefined abstract classes (taken from the framework) and overwriting certain inherited methods. Local databases and applications do not need to be changed.

FRIEND® Respects Autonomy of Local Systems

Stakeholders preserve the autonomy of their systems. Within the whole Community of Interest, stakeholders have the absolute authority over their own data, and the Virtual Information Pool follows the security policies of the stakeholders and ensures that only authorized users can access their data.

FRIEND® Enables System Wide Data Access

The Virtual Information Pool is the system wide data access platform for SWIM. The target is “every information at any place at any time through one interface”.

FRIEND® Eases System Wide Data Access

The global data model of the Virtual Information Pool eases data access. The global data model comprises all the component models constructed from local systems and associate them if needed. To access data of other systems user applications only need to conform to the global data model of the Virtual Information Pool. Stakeholders do not need to negotiate with each other on any data exchange issues.

FRIEND® Enables Transparent Access to High Quality Data

Data consumers don’t need to know where the requested data are stored, the Virtual Information Pool in which every global object is assigned a unique ID retrieves the data from the owner stakeholders and then passes the data to the data consumers. This way, the returned data are always secure, consistent, complete and up-to-date.

FRIEND® Adopts Service-Oriented Architecture

The framework adopts a service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA enables flexible and extensible integration of local systems running on different platforms, and it can largely simplify definition, modification, execution and automation of business processes.

FRIEND® Enables System Wide Cooperation

The Virtual Information Pool is the system wide cooperation platform. The Virtual Information Pool is able to construct specific sets of data coming from different stakeholders. The involved stakeholders can share a common data set for further dialogues and collaborative decision making (i.e., for the purpose of deciding the most efficient flight route for a plane).