FRIEND - Open Source Project

Dual Licensing Model

The FRIEND Core Project is an open source project using a Dual Licensing Model: GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL) and a commercial license. In order to achieve long-range compatibility and long-range interconnectivity, the source code of the FRIEND Core Project is freely available to developers and contributors.


Under the Dual Licensing strategy the project expects worldwide contribution. We have founded the non-profit association FRIEND COI which is responsible for developing, enhancing, supervising and distributing the FRIEND technology and the related projects.

The FRIEND COI will be open to all governments and enterprises of the world. Stakeholders can join the FRIEND COI to participate in the development of the FRIEND technology. They can also launch their own Application Projects as Top Level Projects of the FRIEND COI based on the FRIEND technology. The stakeholders retain complete control and responsibility of their ongoing Application Projects.